Hamilton's Ford

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Ford used by Tarleton after Cowpens to rejoin Cornwallis at Hillhouse Plantation near Turkey Creek

Where: 34.8554116 -81.4620380 Hamilton's Ford

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  • GNIS GNIS record for Bullock Creek, York Co. SC 34.8554116 -81.4620380 mouth Location basis. No basis has been found for the location other than it was on the Broad River near the mouth of Bullock Creek.

  • Banastre Tarleton, Google A History of the Campaigns of 1780 and 1781 in the Southern Provinces of North America, London, 1787. P.224 (217 in some versions).
    On the route Tarleton heard with infinite grief and astonishment, that the main army had not advanced beyond Turkey creek: He therefore directed his course to the south east, in order to reach Hamilton's ford, near the mouth of Bullock creek, whence he might communicate with Earl Cornwallis.

  • There is a widely accepted tradition among the descendants of Adam Goudelock that Tarleton came by the home of Goudelock and forced him to guide him to Hamilton Ford. See Adam Goudelock house.

  • Custom Google map showing the various locations related to Tarleton's route from Cowpens via Hamilton's Ford to Hillhouse Plantation. Grindal Shoals is included only for reference. The several Goudelock sites result from the problem in determining the exact location from which Goudelock was abducted.

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