Haddrell's Point, Off (Aeolus)

What: Battle American (or allied) commander Unknown vs. British (or allied) commandeer Unknown Who (if anyone) won? Americans Date April 8, 1780 Description (if "other") Land/Sea Battle 8 Apr 1780, *Haddrell Point artillery vs. HMS Aeolus, broken up

Where: 32.78034 -79.876915, Haddrell's Point, Off (Aeolus)

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  • Russell V. Tucker, Post Captain, His Britannic Majesty's Ship Richmond, "Reprise To A Royal Navy Defeat",
    On April 8, [1780] Arbuthnot's ships set sail and approached the fort at 3 p. m. Now knowing the construction of log braced sand walls of the fort could not be breached by cannon fire, Arbuthnot decided against anchoring and engaging in a cannonade with Fort Moultrie as the earlier British fleet had done. Instead he chose to run by the fort. Once past the stationary fort, it would be powerless to defend the city. The flagship Roebuck and the frigate Richmond served as the van, withstanding the heaviest fire from Fort Moultire's 24 pound cannon. They were followed by four more frigates, six transports, and the 50-gun Renown covering the rear guard. After two hours, and extensive damage to the Richmond, the transport Aeolus was lost when she was disabled by the fort's fire and ran aground off Haddrell's Point. Taken under fire from American positions, she was so shot to pieces that her crew set her on fire after her equipment was removed.

  • NBBAS:Two, p.137.
    Revlist post Fort Moultrie, South Carolina, Charlestown Campaign, 8 April 1780

  • Sherman, "Calendar..." . Search for haddrell's point. . To avoid long downloads, use option to "Save and view this PDF in Reader".

  • RevWar75 RevWar75
  • Dec 1775 listing 12/13 - 14/1775 Ash's Plantation, Haddrell's Point. Shown as a draw.
  • Dec 1775 listing 12/19 - 20/1775 Haddrell's Point (Pest House). Shown as a American victory.
  • Jan 1776 listing 1/5/1776 Haddrell's Point, HM Armed Vessel Cherokee. Shown as a draw.
  • Apr 1780 listing 4/8/1780 Fort Moultrie. Shown as draw.
  • Apr 1780 listing 4/28/1780 Haddrell's Point, Charlestown Harbor. Shown as British victory.
  • May 1780 listing 5/2/1780 Haddrell's Point. Shown as British victory.

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