This listing is not intended to be an authoritative listing of actions at and near Hackensack.

It is intended to be
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2) a collection of relevant snippets from sources named in the various listings, downloadable online, available via internet searches or on my bookshelf.

Several actions not found in the listings were added (shown as "unlisted") when source material was discovered for them.

A number of the actions included on the various listings are included "as-is" without references if such were not provided or could not be found. 42% of the listings fit into this category. We know no more about them than before we started.

Some listings show source documents but I was unable to include snippets from them because I did not have access to the documents (specifically New Jersey Historical Society, New Jersey History Vols. NS, 13,1928; 78,1960; 85,1967). If anyone cares to contribute that information, it will improve this effort.

A few of the dates provided simply do not agree with those provided in the source docs, possibly due to typos or calculation errors. These are noted.

It is apparent that a few actions appear to be listed more than once. It is also probable, due to the insurgent nature of the conflict in the area over such an extended period, that there were a number of actions not mentioned in any of this material.

It is interesting to note what is present and what is absent for the different listings. One list contains about half the combined list; the other two contain only about one-third. Each listing contains actions shown only on that single listing.

Listings with documentation listed in Norman Desmarais, The Guide to the American Revolutionary War In New Jersey, Busca, Ithaca NY, 2011, are shown with light cyan background.



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Hackensack NJ Actions
Date Action Listing Documentation
2/15/1776 Hackensack. American victory [RevWar75] Docs needed.
11/21/1776 Hackensack. American victory unlisted Force, Am.Archives, V.3, 1776, p.874
12/14/1776 Hackensack NJ. Gen. William Heath surprises British at Hackensack. Takes 60 prisoners, a few arms and a great quantity of stores. [Alpha list]
NJ History, 78,164.
Docs needed.
Desmarais NJ,p.20
12/25/1776 Hackensack NJ. 500+ Brit. troops & Buskirk's Militia Rgt. Abused & imprisoned the few found there.   Desmarais NJ,p.20
1/5/1777 Hackensack NJ. Geo. Clinton drove British out of Hackensack and occupied it. unlisted Fiske,Am.Rev.,V.1,p.245
2/10/1777 Hackensack NJ [Alpha list] Docs needed.
3/22-24/1777 Hackensack NJ [Alpha list] Docs needed.
4/20/1777 Hackensack. Draw. Col. Isaac Beal (Am.) leads intelligence expedition to Hackensack. [RevWar75]
Leiby, Hackensack, 118. [4/20/1777]
4/20/1777 Hackensack Valley. Continental guard skirmished with Capt. Samuel Ryerson + 44 NJ Loyalists [Alpha list] Desmarais NJ,p.20
5/1/1777 Hackensack. Insuff. data [RevWar75] Docs needed.
6/10/1777 Hackensack. Draw. American light horse and 200+ Loyalists have skirmish. [RevWar75]
[Alpha list]
NJ History, 1st Ser., 7,95.
Desmarais NJ,p.20
9/11/1777 Hackensack NJ. Lt. Col. Aaron Burr rallies militia at Paramus and marches south. Defeats British force at Hackensack. [Alpha list]
NJ History, 78, 166.
NJA 2,II, 42-44. [Not relevant]
Desmarais NJ,p.21
9/14/1777 near Hackensack (3 mi). Lt. Col. Aaron Burr + 24 night attack on British picket guard. [RevWar75]
[Alpha list]
Desmarais NJ,p.21
9/30/1777 Hackensack NJ. 3000 Brits + 100 boats land nearby for plunder & forage [Alpha list] Desmarais NJ,p.21
10/5/1777 Hackensack NJ. Men armed with muskets & bayonets emptied John Varek's store.   Desmarais NJ,p.21
9/28/1778 near Hackensack. American victory [Alpha list] Docs needed.
Hackensack NJ. Three thousand British in boats come up Hackensack River and plunder large area. Looks same as 9/30/1777 [Desmarais] [Munn] NJA 2,II, 454, 462-463,471-472, 484-485.
9/30/1778 Hackensack NJ, near About 100 Patriots (foot & horse) attack Hessian Capt. von Donup + 80, killed 2, 17 wounded & captured   Desmarais NJ,p.22
10/1/1778 Hackensack NJ. Col. Richard Butler, Capt. H.Lee 7 300+ surprised 150 Hessians, killed 10, captured 19 with no losses.   Desmarais NJ,p.22
Hackensack NJ. British lose twelve men in skirmish with Gen. Charles Scott's light infantry. [Munn] NJ History, 1 Ser., 7, 109.
4/20/1779 Hackensack Valley. Draw [RevWar75] Docs needed.
4/21/1779 Hackensack NJ, near. Capt. Joseph Ryerson + 42 killed & wounded many of Continental advance guard, were then driven off by their main body of about 160. Possibly same as 4/20/1779.   Desmarais NJ,p.22
5/10/1779 Hackensack NJ [Alpha list] Docs needed.
2/10/1780 Hackensack. Insuff. data. [RevWar75] Docs needed.
2/11-12/1780 Hackensack. British troops raid Hackensack unlisted Ryan, NJ in the Am.Rev.
3/23/1780 Hackensack. American victory.
Hackensack. Lt. Col. Duncan Macpherson commanding the Black Watch runs into stormy resistance during raid. Spends much time in wanton destruction.
NJ History, 78,171. Need docs.
Leiby, Adrian, The Revolutionary War in the Hackensack Valley, Rutgers Univ. Press, p.239-244 [3/22/1780]
3/1780, end of Hackensack NJ [Alpha list] Docs needed.
4/16/1780 Hackensack NJ. British force under Maj. Johann Christian [DuPuy] Dubay attacks American patrol and captures officer and three men. [Munn] NJ History, 78, 172.
Docs needed.
5/23/1780 Hackensack NJ [Alpha list] Docs needed.
12/8/1780 Hackensack NJ. Thomas Ward's plunderers from Bergen Neck collect forage. Inhabitants retake cattle and scatter the robbers. [May be same as 8/29/1781] [Alpha list]
NJA Vol.5, p.137 [12/8/1780]
Winfield, Hudson, 195-196. Wrong date. See [8/29/1781].
Desmarais NJ,p.23
4/1781 Salt Marshes south of Hackensack (near English Neighborhood). American victory. [RevWar75]
[Alpha list]
Docs needed.
8/11/1781 Hackensack. Insuff. data. [RevWar75] Docs needed.
8/29/1781 Ward's plunderers...came to ...Hackensack, where they collected a number of cattle, which the inhabitants retook, and killed and wounded several of the miscreants. [May be same as 12/8/1780]. unlisted Winfield, Hudson, 195-196. [8/29/1781]
Desmarais NJ,p.23

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