Grindal Shoals

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Strategic crossing of the Pacolet River near the Alexander Chesney property and Morgan's Camp before Cowpens.

Where: 34.88846440 -81.6431539 Grindal Shoals

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  • From Mills 1820 map of Union District:


  • Alexander Chesney, ed. and ann. by E. Alfred Jones The Journal Of Alexander Chesney, The Ohio State University Bulletin Volume XXVI October 30, 1921 Number 4, p.4
    ... removed the family to Pacolet where we settled on the north side near Grindall's shoal21 about 12 miles from where it empties itself into Broad-River 50 miles below where the Indian line crosses that river, and 15 miles below the place where the Iron works22 are now built; 60 miles north-east of Ninety-six ;23 and 250 miles24 nearly north of Charles-town; to which place I went in 1774 to hurry the patent of my father's lands through the offices.

    21 Grindal shoals, so-called from the family of Grindal, who lived on the north side and owned the shoal, which was a noted fishery. It was on the north side of Pacolet river, at Grindal ford, that Morgan camped just before the battle of Cowpens. The place is well described by John Kennedy in his novel Horse Shoe Robinson.
    22 These iron works were probably those on the southern side of Lawson's fork of Pacolet river, afterwards called Bivingsville and known later as Glendale which was half a mile higher up on the same bank. The works were destroyed by the loyalists and never rebuilt. ( Draper, King's Mountain and its Heroes, pp. 86. 90, 91).
    23 The district of Ninety-Six, so named because it was 96 miles from Keewie, the chief village of the Cherokee Indians. According to Lord Cornwallis, he had formed in this district, the most populous in the province of South Carolina, seven battalions of militia. (C. Ross, Correspondence of Charles, first Marquess Cornwallis, 1859, VoL I, p. 489.) The present town of Ninety-Six is in Greenwood county.
    24 The Chesney plantation was somewhat under 200 miles in a straight line northwest of Charleston.

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