Green Spring.

Other names: Jamestown Ford

What: Battle, Maj.Gen. Lafayette vs. *Lt.Gen. Cornwallis, 6 July 1781

Where: 37.239426, -76.787173 (WGS84/NAD83) ["Location 1"]

Maps: [map notes]


  • Desandroüins, Jean Nicolas, 1729-1792. Chief Engineer to Rochambeau. 1781 French map of Green Spring battle area.
    Plan of the terrain on the left bank of the James River opposite Jamestown in Virginia and the battle of July 6, 1781 between the American Army commanded by Marquis de La Fayette and the English Army under the command of the Lord Cornwallis. [Signed:] Desandroüins.
    LOC Record: Plan du terrein à la rive gauche de la rivière de James vis-à-vis Jamestown en Virginie ou s'est livré le combat du 6 juillet 1781 entre l'armée américaine commandée par le Mis. de La Fayette el l'armée angloise aux ordres du Lord Cornwallis. [Signé:] Desandroüins. Desandroüins, Jean Nicolas, 1729-1792. CREATED/PUBLISHED [1781] NOTES Scale ca. 1:16,000. Manuscript, pen-and-ink and watercolor. Has watermark. Relief shown by hachures. Includes index to points of military interest. Reference: LC Maps of North America, 1750-1789, 1451 SUBJECTS Green Spring Plantation, Battle of, Va., 1781--Maps, Manuscript--Early works to 1800. United States--Virginia--Jamestown Region. RELATED TITLES [Rochambeau collection ; 51] MEDIUM col. map 45 x 49 cm. CALL NUMBER G3884.J15S3 1781 .D4 Vault : Roch 51 REPOSITORY Library of Congress Geography and Map Division Washington, D.C. 20540-4650 USA DIGITAL ID g3884j ar145100

  • An attempt to superimpose the 1781 French map over a modern topo map.. VA-614 lines up remarkably well. There is a creek that comes out between 4-H camp and Jamestown Festival State Park with a little hill immediately to the west. Such a hill would unlikely move without major bulldozer work. It lines up fairly well. There is another stream that comes out about 0.3 miles NNW of the 4-H camp, and another just beyond. These line up fairly well. My take is that the 1781 French map is likely the major source used for years to approximate the Green Spring Battle.

  • Patrick O'Kelley's mapping of troop locations, referring to the French map. Very similar to the superimposed map above.

  • VA historical highway markers in area:

    • V39: Battle of Green Spring. 37.23508 -76.78514 [Location 2], Location: Rt. 614 (northbound) -- south of VA Rt. 5, north of Jamestown. Department of Historic Resources, 2000. Believed to be the one gps'd by JR 1 Feb 2002 at Mainland Farm. Not included in 2001 edition of A Guidebook to Virginia's Historical Markers, VA Dept of Historic Resources. This location is 0.32 miles (563 yd) bearing 160 from the JAR/PJO location.

    • V42: Green Spring Road. 37.234901,-76.785015 [this marker is only 75 ft. from V39, also Location 2]. Location: Rt. 614 (northbound) -- south of VA Rt. 5, north of Jamestown. Department of Historic Resources, 2002. Not included in 2001 edition of A Guidebook to Virginia's Historical Markers, VA Dept of Historic Resources.

    • Battle of Green Spring July 6, 1781
      Hear the crack of flintlock muskets and smell the smoke from cannon fire! On this site, on July 6, 1781, 5,000 British troops under General Charles Cornwallis and Colonel Banastre Tarleton clashed with 900 American soldiers led by the Marquis de Lafayette and Brigadier General “Mad” Anthony Wayne.
      37.23456 -76.78482 [Location 3]. This location is 0.36 mi. (634 yd) bearing 159 from the JAR/PJO location.

    • Acme Acme map showing, N to S, 1)JAR/PJO location, 2)V39 & V42, 3)interpretive marker ("Hear the crack...")

    • W36: Green Spring (Plantation). 37.339336,-76.754233. Location: US 60 (eastbound), Lightfoot. Conservation & Development Commission, 1927. This marker is 7.1 miles, bearing 015 from the JAR/PJO location.

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  • Archive Primary sources related to Battle of Greenspring.. Related to above site but not linked from it.

  • Archive "Relic hunter" located actual battle site.. Date: Nov 17, 2003. Research done in 2000 per Todd Post. The marker discussed here is probably that for which John Robertson took a gps reading 1 Feb 2002. Hicks was apparently refuting a purported location for the battle in the campground.

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  • RevWar75  
    listing 7/6/1781, Green Springs Plantation (Jamestown Ford) Shown as British victory.

    Related sites: Georgetown, Jamestown Ford, Spencer's Ordinary, Yorktown, Green Spring Plantation

    Submitted by: Patrick O'Kelley

    Confidence level: 3