Greenland Swamp

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27 Nov 1782, head of loyalist black spy placed on stake near Greenland Swamp

Where: 33.43405416 -80.1636953 Greenland Swamp

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  • NBBAS:Four P.99-100:
    Greenland Swamp, South Carolina
    27 November 1782

    Harry was a slave owned by Mr. Gailliard, a loyalist in Charlestown. Harry had been assigned to the Quarter Master Generalís Department and was frequently employed to spy on the partisan and militia groups around Charlestown.

    In November Harry had been sent to Monckís Corner to gather intelligence on Francis Marionís partisans. A party of Whig militia took Harry prisoner and then cut off his head. The head was placed on a stake beside the Greenland Swamp as a warning to others.

    The Royal newspapers blamed Marionís partisans for this, but it seems unlikely since Marionís partisans were not known for atrocities.

  • "Black Loyalists, Beheading of Harry". Letter from Maj. J. Doyle stating that Harry had been beheaded by Marion's men.

  • From Chicora Quadrangle, 15', 1921:

    Greenland Sw

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  • listing for Nov 1782 11/27/1782 Greenland Swamp. Insufficient data. Per O'Kelley.

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