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Goose Creek Bridge/St. James Church.

What: Skirmishes, Lt. Col. Wade Hampton vs. Lt. Waugh, 15 July 1781

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32.977695 -80.037104, Goose Creek Bridge
32.9757281, -80.0325868, St. James Church

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  • PJO: "This one was easy and you should give it five stars. The Mills map shows both Goose Creek bridge and St. James church. They both are still there. It is on pages 286-288 of volume three:

    The Quarter House, Charlestown, South Carolina
    15 July 1781
    'Raid of the Dog Days'

    Sumter had sent his troops along the various approach marches to Charlestown to disrupt British communications, destroy outposts, and harass every foe at every opportunity. Colonel Henry Hampton seized the bridge across Four Holes Creek and then was supposed to support an attack by Lee on Fort Dorchester. The fortís garrison had left when they heard the news of the partisan activity in the area. When Lee arrived he was still able to capture a number of horses, three empty wagons, and one loaded ammunition wagon. Henryís brother, Wade Hampton, seized Goose Creek Bridge with no opposition. Lee was supposed to meet with Wade Hampton at the bridge, but Lee did not show up.
    On Sunday, July 15th, Hampton left the bridge and went to St. James church in Goose Creek. They were having Sunday services and Hampton figured there would be some Loyalists there. His men surrounded the church, captured the congregation and their horses, and then released them all on parole.
    Hampton continued his ride on to Charlestown until he neared the Quarter House, a large garrison of British troops five miles north of the city. When they arrived at the Quarter House they saw some South Carolina Dragoons saddling their horses. The Dragoons had been at the garrison as convalescents, but were about to conduct a reconnaissance patrol to find the Hamptonís raiding cavalry. Captain John Reid was in the vanguard of Hamptonís dragoons and charged, chasing away the Loyalist dragoons. Lieutenant David Waugh, the commander of the dragoons, killed Captain John Wright and two others. During the desperate fight Lieutenant Waugh was also killed.
    The Quarter House garrison surrendered. Several Loyalists were captured while Hampton was at the Quarter House, and one of them, William Trusler, was shot while trying to escape. Hamptonís men also burnt four vessels loaded with supplies for the British army. Hampton stayed for two hours enjoying the food and drink, then left when he received a warning that their might be British dragoons nearby. William Brotherton wrote that they ďmade their way up the Ashley River to a rest place, where they dismounted and every man sat and held his horse until morning.

  • Mills 1820 Charleston map. Note Vance's (15-Mile House?) nearby.

    Goose Cr Br

  • NBBAS:Three. p.286-288

  • Sherman, "Calendar..." . Search for goose creek bridge. To avoid long downloads, use option to "Save and view this PDF in Reader".

  • RevWar75   listing. 7/15/1781 The Quarter House, Charlestown. Draw.

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