Gaillard's Island.

What: Francis Marion campsite, mid-July thru Sept 1781

Other names: Peyre's Plantation

Where: 33.4716, -80.1713

Maps: [map notes]


  • Mouzon's 1775 map. Peyre's plantation not shown.


  • Mills 1820 Charleston District map. Upper dot is the smaller of the two Gaillard Islands. Lower dot is mouth of Santee Canal, mentioned by W.D. James as approximate area of Peyre's Plantation.


  • 1921 topo map showing the smaller Gaillard Island and the upper Santee Canal (not the old canal).


  • Undated map shown as based on survey by Henry Mouson, shows Peyre's near the Gaillard's Island location (left red dot) and shows Cordes Plantation to the east. Note that Peyre's is shown east of visible curves in the Santee River as shown in the following map. This map is found here


  • Another snippet from the Mills 1820 Charleston District map. Note that the region along the Santee eastward to Murray's Ferry was also named Gaillard's Island. This map compared with the undated Mouzon-based map, above, shows that Peyre's Plantation was on the larger Gaillard's Island and at its west end, as described by W.D. James writing at the time this map was surveyed.


  • Francis Marion Orderly Book, July - Sep 1781?

  • NBBAS:Three P.284, 324, 328. Campsite described as at western end of island, an area apparently now under Lake Marion.

  • Sherman, "Calendar..." . Search for peyre. 3 returns, all relevant. To avoid long downloads, use option to "Save and view this PDF in Reader".

  • William Dobien James, Life of Brig. Gen. Francis Marion, search for peyre. 3 results returned, all relevant. Writing in 1820, James said:
    After this, Gen. Marion retired to the Santee, and took post at Cordes', and afterwards at Peyre's plantation, near the mouth of the present Santee canal, where he reposed his men and horses, until about the 25th of August.
    In another place he said that Captain Cooper
    arrived in camp at Peyre's plantation near the canal, where Gen. Marion now lay,
    Another place he said
    Marion retired to his favourite encampment, at Peyre's plantation, in Santee river swamp. On the banks of the river at that time there were extensive cornfields on all the plantations, and the most of the low places were cultivated in rice.* The crops of three or four years past had been housed, and kept out of the enemy's reach by the difficulty of approach and their retired situation. Here the general fixed himself, much to his liking, in a cane brake, about a quarter of a mile from the river, which however was soon cleared to thatch the huts of himself and his men. Some lakes which skirted the high land, rendered the post difficult of approach, and here was forage for horses, and beef, pork, rice, and green corn** for the men, in the greatest abundance. Such a place suited Marion's views exactly, and here, or in the neighbourhood, he encamped often

  • It appears that the camp on Gaillard Island was also referred to as Peyre's Plantation.

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    July 1781.
    August 1781.
    September 1781.

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