Furman's Plantation.

What: Campsite, BG Marion, 28 June 1781

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< Where: 33.955195 -80.564904 Furman's Plantation

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  • 33.955195,-80.564904 Furman's Plantation
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    • PJO: [Marion's orderly book] G.O. by Brigadier Genl Marion June 28 1781 – At Farmans Plantation on the watteree River –

    • Cook's 1773 map shows a Freeman plantation near the Wateree.

      Freeman's Pl

    • Mills 1821 Sumter map shows a Furman's plantation in the same vicinity, 2.6 miles from the Wateree River, 1.1 mile from the stream on the Garner Ferry road, and south of the road. Basis for site selection.

      Furman's Pl

    • NBBAS:Three. p.283-284. Orangeburg 8-10 July 1781. 36 miles away and 10 days later, next entry for Marion after this campsite.

    • Sherman, "Calendar..." . Search for singletons mills. . To avoid long downloads, use option to "Save and view this PDF in Reader".
      "28 June. Marion, at Singletons Mills High Hills Santee, S.C., wrote to Greene reporting that he had 400 men with him and expected more to join him in a day or two." Singleton's Mill was 11 miles from the Furman Plantation site selected.
      p.400 7 July. Marion near Orangeburg. Wrote from Sabb's Plantation.
      p.403 "9 July. Marion, at Holmans, about nineteen miles north-northeast of Orangeburgh, wrote to Greene saying his men and horses had earlier been so fatigued that he was not able to proceed as Greene ordered until that morning (the 9th). Meanwhile, Marion had sent Maj. Hezekiah Maham with 100 men to watch enemy movements. Later the same day, he sent Greene a separate report from two prisoners who “appear intelligent” that Rawdon's force, exclusive of Stewart's regiment, numbered some 1,150 men."
      p.404. "10 July. Marion, at Colston's, S.C., wrote to Greene saying he could not comply with Greene's order yesterday to join Greene's army, because he had received the order 40 miles from Beaver Creek and his horses were too exhausted from being two days without grass or forage. His men had only six rounds of ammunition left." [Green apparently joined Marion at Colston's.]
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    • Mills Sumter 1821 map (reduced to 1/3 size) showing relationship between Singleton's Mill and Furman's Plantation (11 miles).


    • William Dobien James, Life of Brig. Gen. Francis Marion. Not found.

    • RevWar75   listing. Not found.

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