Fort Fairlawn.

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What: Earthworks, to which Col. Stewart retreated 9 September 1781, the day following the Battle of Eutaw Springs.

Where: 33.186295, -79.978304

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  • Onsite gps mark.

  • ArchiveHistoric Church of the Epiphany, Eutawville SC, Battle of Eutaw Springs, 8 September 1781:
    Then, according to Dr. Edgar, the hungry and poorly-clad Patriots (some had placed Spanish moss between their skin and their equipment to prevent chafing) broke into the main British camp and became a drunken, disorderly mob. The British repulsed a Patriot cavalry charge and at the end of the day drove the confused Americans back. The British were too crippled to venture forth far from the house. Greene collected his wounded, arranged for burying the dead, left a strong picket under Colonel Hampton and withdrew seven miles to water at Burdell’s Plantation. Stewart’s forces remained the night, but the army hastily retreated the following day to Fort Fairlawn at Moncks Corner, leaving severely wounded to be captured that day.

  • "Fort Fair Lawn: An Archeaological Treasure". Nearby historical marker.

  • Baxley, SCAR, noting survival of earthworks:
    • Vol.1 No.2, p.23
    • Vol.2 No.5, p.3

  • Sherman's Calendar.... Search for fairlawn. To avoid long downloads, use option to "Save and view this PDF in Reader".

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