Four-Mile Branch

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Skirmish, Capt. Stirling Turner vs. *Capt. Wm. Connaway, 15 Aug 1781

Where: 33.482671 -80.95968 Four-Mile Branch

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  • 33.482671,-80.95968 Four-Mile Branch, at road 400, 0.7 mile north of source of creek.
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  • Confidence: 5 (of Road 400 & Fourmile Creek), 3 (of action)

  • 33.4718209,-80.961760 Four-Mile Branch, source
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  • Confidence: 5 (of source), 2 (of action)

  • 33.4718209 -80.961760 Four-Mile Branch, mouth
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  • Confidence: 5 (of mouth), 0 (of action)


  • Edward McCrady,
    Harden, on the other hand, was not so fortunate; a Captain Connaway of the Royal militia of Orangeburgh, about the 1st of August, attacked one of his parties in the forks of the Edisto, at the head of Four Mile Creek, and killed eighteen and dispersed the rest2; ...

    [footnote:] 2 The Royal Gazette, September 12, 1781.

  • Terry W. Lipscomb, Names in South Carolina, XXVI,33-34, "South Carolina Revolutionary Battles", Part Seven, English Dept., Univ. of South Carolina, Winter, 1979:
    Harden's militia attempted to harass the Loyalist inhabitants in the fork of the Edisto River, but the British sent out Captain Connaway with a detachment of the Tory militia. On August 15, the Loyalists attacked the Patriot band at the head of the Four Mile Branch, killed eighteen of them and captured twenty-five horses, with swords, pistols, and other equipment.19 Fourmile Creek flows into the west side of the Edisto River's north fork about two miles north of the modern Orangeburg city limits. S. C. 400 crosses the creek near its headwaters, about five miles west of Orangeburg.

    [footnote] 19 The Royal Gazette, September 12, 1781.

  • Archive"The Battle of Four Mile Branch"
    On August 15, a group of Loyalists, commanded by Capt. William Connaway, was ordered to disperse the partisan threat around Orangeburgh. The Loyalists attacked the Patriot militia, commanded by Capt. Stirling Turner, at the head of Four Mile Branch. Initially, the Loyalists were driven back. While the militiamen were drawing lots for the captured horses, the Loyalists counterattacked and drove off the miltia.

  • [for a separate action "in the forks of the Edisto] Terry W. Lipscomb, Names in South Carolina, XXX, 12, "South Carolina Revolutionary Battles", Part Ten, English Dept., Univ. of South Carolina, Winter, 1983:
    Another Patriot leader active in aid Edgefield District was Captain James Ryan, who served under Colonel LeRoy Hammond and, according to Joseph Johnson, "was engaged in many small but bloody skirmishes, not recorded by historians." One episode that has been remembered took place in July 1781 when Lord Rawdon was retreating from Ninety Six to Orangeburg through the forks of the Edisto River. Ryan led a party of about fifty men in an attack an Rawdon's rear guard. After a severe skirmish, the Patriots captured the British baggage, which they burned after helping themselves liberally to the arms, ammunition, and clothing in the wagons. This engagement may have taken place in either Aiken or Orangeburg County. Ryan was probably an inhabitant of what is now Aiken County, because he is supposed to have been one of the early settlers of Horse Creek Valley.12

    Footnote: 12 Johnson, Traditions, pp. 494-98.

  • NBBAS:Three p.315-316. Revlist post.

  • Sherman, "Calendar..." . Search for four mile. 3 returns. To avoid long downloads, use option to "Save and view this PDF in Reader".

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  • RevWar75  8/15/1781 Four Mile Branch. British victory.

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