Fort Rutledge.

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What: Fort (no known actions)

Where: 34.668889, -82.850280, Fort Rutledge marker

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  • 34.668889,-82.850280, Fort Rutledge marker (JP)
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  • 34.6777775 -82.8391664 Fort Rutledge GNIS
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  • Sophie Lee Foster, "Fort Rutledge of the Revolution", Revolutionary Reader: Reminiscences and Indian Legends, p.65
    When the Calhoun Plantation (in South Carolina), upon which Clemson College is now located, was purchased in 1826, it was called "Clergy Hall". ... An old Revolutionary War fort, known as Fort Rutledge, was upon this estate, crowning a hill overlooking the Seneca River, and when Mr. Calhoun took possession of the place, he changed its name to "Fort Hill". ... One of the most beautiful drives on the Clemson property is the road to Fort Rutledge which is about a mile from the College. ..."

  • United States Congressional Serial Set, 1909. Description of fort and monument.

  • Edward J. Cashin, The King's Ranger, 1999, p.110.
    ...was a standing insult to the Cherokee.

  • Sherman, "Calendar...". Not found. To avoid future long downloads, use option to "Save and view this PDF in Reader".

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