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Fort Jefferson.

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Fort, built by George Rogers Clark
Siege, late Aug 1780, by British and Chickasaw

36.95314, -89.08975, Fort Jefferson

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  • 36.95314,-89.08975, Fort Jefferson
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  • John M. Johnston, RevList message 92145

  • Finley Ryan, "Fort Jefferson, 1779"
    "Ft. Jefferson was located in Ballard Co., KY. about one mile south of present day Wickliffe, KY." "at the intersection of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. It was named Fort Jefferson. "

  • "Fort Jefferson, Kentucky", Kentucky Atlas and Gazetteer:
    "Fort Jefferson was a southwestern Ballard county town on the Mississippi River about one mile south of Wickliffe. It was founded in 1858 near the site of George Rogers Clark's 1780 fort, which became known as Clarksville, and was occupied until 1781. The Fort Jefferson post office opened in 1860, but moved to the new town of Wickliffe in 1879. A later Fort Jefferson post office operated from 1891 to 1892. The town is gone and the site is now the home of the Westvaco paper factory."

  • Ft Jefferson

  • :
    "Richard McCarty organizes a relief expedition to help the inhabitants of Fort Jefferson who are under Indian attack. ... Captain James Piggott's wife Eleanor dies, along with seventeen others, from malaria and malnourishment at Fort Jefferson which is near present day Wickliffe, Kentucky. The fort had been under siege by the British and Indians."

  • " Abstract to the George Rogers Clark Papers Microfilm Roll #4". Numrous ref's to Fort Jefferson.

  • "Chickasaw History"
    "Amazingly, there was only one direct confrontation between the Chickasaw and Americans during the war. This came in 1780 when George Rogers Clark built Fort Jefferson (named for Thomas Jefferson, the governor of Virginia at the time) in western Kentucky to protect the Kentucky settlements and break the Chickasaw stranglehold on the Mississippi. The Chickasaw attacked and, after a four-day siege withdrew. The Americans, however, could not hold the area and were forced to abandon the fort in June, 1781."

  • "Micajah Mayfield at Old Fort Jefferson"

  • RevWar75 RevWar75
    listing late 8/1780 Fort Jefferson American victory.

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