Fort Galphin.

What: Skirmish, 21 May 1781, *Maj. Michael Rudolph vs. Capt. Samuel Rosworth

Other names: Fort Dreadnaught, Silver Bluff, Galphin's Trading Post

Where: 33.312135 -81.855634

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  • 33.312135,-81.855634, Fort Galphin (JP)
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      Fort Galphin, South Carolina
      21 May 1781

      After Clarke had unsuccessfully ambushed the flotilla containing the presents for the Indians he continued to keep watch on Fort Galphin while he waited for reinforcements. General Pickens arrived and both forces kept the British at Augusta occupied. Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Brown had detached two companies, under Captain Samuel Roworth of the King’s Rangers and Captain Thomas Hunlock of the New Jersey Volunteers, to guard Fort Galphin.

      Lee had mounted as many of his infantry as he could behind his dragoons so they could move faster. He also left the North Carolina Continentals and his artillery behind. When he arrived at Fort Galphin some South Carolina militia and Clarke’s men joined him.

      Lee gave the command of the siege to Major Michael Rudolph who invested the fort with the infantry. Rudolph kept his force hidden in the Pine Barrens around the fort so they would not know the Continentals have arrived. Lee sent the cavalry and the militia regiments of Colonels Hammond and Harden to cut off any relief from Augusta.

      On May 21st Rudolph had his militia made a half-hearted attack on the stockade and then moved away slowly, taunting the fort’s defenders. When the defenders sallied out they left the gates open. Rudolph rushed in with the Legion infantry and took possession of the post. Lee took the rest of his men and protected the militia that had tricked the garrison out. Lee’s only death was a man who died from the heat.

      Lee took a few hours to refresh his men and horses and then he rode out to join Pickens at Fort Cornwallis. The capture of Fort Galphin would deprive Lieutenant Colonel Brown of two desperately needed companies when Lee and his forces laid siege to Fort Cornwallis.

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    • RevWar75 RevWar75   listing
      5/19/1781 Fort Galphin (Fort Dreadnought, Silver Bluff). American victory.

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