Fort Charlotte SC.

What:12 July 1775. *Major James Mason vs. Capt. George Whitfield. Fort Charlotte captured.

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Where: 33.94512 -82.55457, Fort Charlotte

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  • Nora Marshall Davis, "Fort Charlotte"; South Carolina Historical Magazine, Vol. 1, pp. 44-48. (1899?). Also as a manuscript on file at Augusta State University which was typed from a manuscript at Carolinianna Library dated 26 February 1943. Title: "Fort Charlotte", by Nora Marshall Davis. Submitted by Nancy Lindroth.

  • Joseph R. Caldwell, "Archeological Investigation of Fort Charlotte, McCormick County, South Carolina", Smithsonian Institution, June, 1952. Handwritten note on report: "Institute of Archeology and Anthropology, Notebook, Vol. 6, No. 2, March - April 1974". Site is approximated from photocopy of an aerial photograph (pre-lake) with fort location identified. Basis of site location.

  • Robert Mills, Atlas of the State of South Carolina, 1825. Abbeville District. From David Rumsey Map Collection


  • From Crawfordsville Quadrangle, Edition of 1906. Surveyed in 1903-1904. University of South Carolina, University Libraries Digital Collections:


  • The site of the fort is inundated by Strom Thurman Lake (formerly Clark Hill Lake).

  • Snippet from Plat of Fort Charlotte, 10 Apr 1765, rotated to have North at top: Plat

    The orientation of this plat would match the actual location better if it were rotated approximated 90 degrees to the right.

  • Archive Chapter 12, "Liberty or Death", from Sharyn Kane and Richard Keaton, Beneath These Waters. Submitted by Nancy Lindroth.
    LOC record: Author: Kane, Sharyn, 1950-; Title: Beneath these waters : archeological and historical studies of 11,500 years along the Savannah River / Sharyn Kane & Richard Keeton.; Published: Atlanta, Ga. : Interagency Archeological Services Division, National Park Service--Southeast Region, 1994. LC Call No.: F292.S3K35 1994

  • NBBAS:One . p. 35-36. 12 July 1775. *Major James Mason vs. Capt. George Whitfield.

  • Fort Charlotte, from "American Forts". "50-by-40-foot two-bastioned fort".

  • RevWar75 RevWar75  
  • listing. 7/12/1775 Fort Charlotte. Draw.

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