Fort Greenbrier.

Fort Greenbrier,1779 13 killed & many captured in Indian raid.,38.217827,-80.088387

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38.2177778 -80.0886111, Fort Greenbrier, Pocohontas Co. WV

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  • 38.2177778 -80.0886111, Fort Greenbrier
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    • GNIS GNIS record for Fort Greenbrier (historical)
      38.2177778 -80.0886111 Basis for location. Shown as being in Marlinton, Pocohontas County. Only GNIS listing for Fort Greenbrier.

    • ArchiveMileByMile guide for WV Highway 55, starting at Elkins WV.. Mile 62.4 (0.3 mile past intersection with Hwy 39, exit to Marlinton WV).
      Roadside turnout, gravel, no services with historic sign - West side of highway. Photo of historic sign. 'Marlinton - Settled, 1749, by Sewell and Marlin. The oldest recorded settlement on western waters. Here stood oak, marking corner of first survey west of Alleghenies. Here was Fort Greenbrier, built 1755 and garrisoned by Andrew Lewis.'

      [reverse side]
      'Marlinton - The old Seneca Indian Trail from New York to Georgia may be seen at this point. During the French and Indian War, 18 settlers lost their lives in vicinity. During Indian raids in 1779, 13 were killed and many were taken captive.'

    • Fort Greenbrier marker
      On the Greenbrier River at Lowell, WV, in eastern Summers County, Fort Greenbrier was one of several defensive structures established on the Virginia frontier in the late 18th century. Native American war parties from the Ohio Valley then frequently raided settlements in the valleys of the New and Greenbrier. The raids were part of a campaign launched to discourage European settlers from establishing themselves west of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Captain John Van Bibber was the commanding officer at Fort Greenbrier in 1777.

      Marker text:

      Fort Greenbrier
      Near site of Fort Greenbrier, commanded by Capt. John Van Bibber during Indian raids in 1777. Here stands house built, 1772, by Col. James Graham, with walls pierced for rifle fire. Graham' son was killed and daughter captured by Indians.

      N 37 39.117' W 80 43.829' (37.65195 -80.73049)

    • Acme>	<a href=Acme map showing the 2 locations provided for Fort Greenbrier. Pocahontas County is to NE; Summers County is to SW.

    • NPS American Battlefield Protection Program, Report to Congress on the Historic Preservation of Revolutionary War and War of 1812 Sites in the United States, September 2007. The Pocohantus County location is listed 2 places (p.110, p.123). The Summers County location is not listed.

  • RevWar75 RevWar75  
    Sep 1779 listing: 9/11/1777 outside Fort Greenbrier. American defeat.

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