Firth of Forth

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Where: 56.126 -2.951 Firth of Forth

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  • 56.126 -2.951 Firth of Forth
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  • Gbooks Edgar Stanton Maclay, A History of the United States Navy from 1775 to 1894, Volume 1, Pp 112-113. D. Appleton & Company, 1895.
    Learning that a British sloop of war of twenty guns was at anchor in the Firth of Forth, Captain Jones resolved to capture her, and at the same time secure a large contribution from the people under threat of laying the city of Leith in ashes. While working up to windward of the Firth, of Forth for this purpose, the cruisers had come almost within reach of the town when a heavy gale carried them out to sea. The wind blew with such violence that a prize, taken on the 14th [September 1779], foundered, and it was with the greatest difficulty that her people were rescued. Before the attempt on Leith could be renewed the country had been thoroughly alarmed, and troops from Edinburgh, only a mile distant, were hurried down to defend the place.

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