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  • Delightful to hear about enhancing your inimitable site. So few in genealogical mode are interested in fact-based history--but for those of us who are, your site is a jewel. ~Genealogy buff

  • That's a cool resource you've built/ are building. ~Re-enactor, VA

  • I was happy to link you. It's a great project, and I wish you well. ~Rev War website host

  • Following a mention in SCAR I have been looking through the content of the Global Gazetteer, which is an excellent resource. ~A Brit

  • Thank you for undertaking this project!! ~JJ

  • This is awesome! I have microsoft Works which includes Streets and Trips '06, but I never installed it. This motivated me to install it. After I did so, Clicking MS S&T on the Global Gazetter worked like a charm. I wish I had this on my recent trip through South Carolina! This is so much easier than thumbing through guidebooks to locate sites. ~Florida.

  • Great work, John! I look forward to really poring over this. Thanks for your efforts in this endeavor. I'm looking into how to use the TZ site so I can help add some sites. ~Author of Rev War book.

  • Thanks for posting this wonderful gazetteer. Would like to see Zane's Iron Plantation listed. ~JP   [See Zane's Iron Plantation.]

  • ... Enthusiastic congratulations on your Global Gazetteer. Truly outstanding! ~Author of Rev War book.

  • ... this is great news! It is a great site and an awesome listing of places to put it mildly. I am glad you will be sharing your years of hard work with the world. Your map approach fills an unique slot among rev war sites. ~North Carolina.

  • BTW, your RW Gazetteer is the best Christmas present I ever had...thanks! ~South Carolina.

  • You have really done your homework. This is an excellent site. Looks like an ambitious project. ~Military historian.

  • What a great project! I can't imagine all the work... It looks good, and will be a valuable resource. ~Park ranger

  • This is truly incredible! I had previously used a Delorme product, so I had to buy the MS S&T software, but boy was it worth it! Once again, thank you! ~Author of Rev War book.

  • The Gazetteer is wonderful. Such gifts you have made to the bewildered! ~Michigan.

  • This is VERY IMPRESSIVE. Thanks for including me. ~HE

  • (ref Caribbean portion) I commend you for your commitment to documenting and sharing your work. Although I am not a military or U.S. historian, I work on intra-Caribbean movement, and I know that this page will be of use to me. Keep up the good work! ~Ph.D. candidate, Canada

  • (ref Caribbean portion) You ought to have an entry for the Saint-Domingue participation in the Savannah expedition of 1779. More than 1000 soldiers from Saint-Domingue (about 800 black troops and the rest whites) participated along with regular French soldiers and sailors. ~Author of Rev War era book on Caribbean. [See Cap-Francais].

  • (ref "Graves of Notables" portion) Like everything you do, the graves project is most impressive! ~SAR historian.

  • John A. Roberston is presented with SCAR Award for "Lifetime Achievement in Revolutionary War Cartography with respect to his unwavering commitment to accurately assemble, record and disseminate the geography of the Revolutionary War’s substantial sites and battlefields world-wide. This gargantuan task is delineated by his unflagging devotion and indefatigable focus to the cause. He gives us all an unparalleled compilation for research.", Piedmont Club, Spartanburg, SC, Nov. 9, 2007

  • Author's blog: "An Interview with John Robertson, Historical Cartographer"