Grave of William Farr.

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Where: 34.60995 -81.43974, William Farr's grave

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  • Farr, William (1748-1794)
    • Bio
      • Picture of marker at Wm. Farr Bridge
      • Family records contain a brief bio. See "Generation Three". He was present at Cowpens, but it is not clear that he commanded a regiment there. Babits shows him as being with Brandon's Fair Forest regiment.
      • Farr was approximately 32 years old in 1780, and was approximately 46 when he died.
    • Grave
      • Family records show that he was buried at Farr Cemetery at Fishdam in Union County SC.
      • A dirt road, very gummy in wet weather, turn off to the north near hear, leading to the Farr Cemetery. Farr's faithful slave, always with him in battle, is buried here, also.

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