Fair American - Margery

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*Capt. Charles Morgan, brig Fair American vs. Capt. Samuel Boyd, schooner Margery, 22 August 1777

Where: 32.6054 -79.98205 Fair American - Margery

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  • E. Lee Spence, B.I.S., D.M.H., Shipwrecks of South Carolina and Georgia, Spence's List 1520-1865, Sea Research Society, Sullivan's Island, SC, 1984, p233.
    The "South Carolina and American General Gazette" of August 28, 1777, reported that the schooner Marqery, Captain John McNeil, bound from Jamaica to New York with 180 puncheons of rum, which was captured by the American privateer Experiment, was run aground and "feared lost" in attempting to enter one of the inlets South of Charleston, South Carolina. (Note: A subsequent report published in a supplement to the "Gazette of the State of South Carolina" of September 15, 1777, stated that the Marqery, Captain Samuel Boyd, bound for New York with 52 hogsheads, 13 tierces and 2S barrels of sugar, 30 casks of coffee, six pipes of Maderia, and 50 Barcellona handkerchiefs, had been taken by the letter of mark, brig Fair American, Captain Charles Morgan, on August 22, 1777, and had gotten safely into Charleston on September 13, 1777.

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