Edisto Island

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Skirmish (Land/sea), *Col. Edward Lacey vs. Unknown British (or allied) commander Unknown, ? Sep 1782

Where: 32.5901841 -80.3781568 Edisto Island

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  • 32.5901841 -80.3781568 Edisto Island
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    JP: Local historian: probably "on the north end of the island". Will investigate.


  • Terry W. Lipscomb, Names in South Carolina, XXVIII, "South Carolina Revolutionary Battles, Part Nine", English Dept., Univ. of South Carolina, Winter, 1981, p.37-38
    The task of defending the lower part of the state against these British incursions was made more difficult by the refusal of the local militia to turn out in sufficient numbers. The people in this militia district, having take offense because Colonel William Harden had not been appointed brigadier, were not inclined to serve under General John Barnwell's command. During the period of Brereton's raid, General Greene and Lieutenant Colonel William Henderson were forced to use back country militia units to defend the coast. Colonel Edward Lacey was detached with his command to protect the neighborhood of Edisto Island. When a British foraging party landed on the island, Lacey set out with a party of fifteen or twenty men and captured two enemy boats loaded with provisions, which he burned and sank. During his withdrawal, Lacey was pursued and overtaken by the British landing party, but the American commander had stationed his riflemen in a very advantageous position, and he thoroughly routed the opposition with two effective broadsides.25 As late as the 1850s, the wrecks of the British vessels are said to have been visible during low tide.

    Footnote: 25 Maurice A. Moore. The Life of Gen. Edward Lacey, pp. 25-26; "A Sketch of John Bishop," Draper Manuscripts, 17DD26 (32-35). State Historical Society of Wisconsin; SCHM.[South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine] vol. 27. p. 21.

  • NBBAS:Four p.88-89:
    Edisto Island, South Carolina
    September 1782
    By the middle of 1782 Local militia did not want to turn out to defend against the British foraging parties coming from Charlestown. The war was winding down and they felt that there was no need to risk their lives for an enemy that would leave soon.

    Many were also offended because Colonel William Harden had not been appointed as a brigadier general and they did not want to serve under General John Barnwell.

    On Edisto Island Colonel Edward Lacey set out with twenty men and captured two boats loaded with provisions. He burned the boats and then was pursued by a British landing party. Lacey knew of the possibility of pursuit by the British and placed his riflemen in advantageous positions. After two volleys of rifle fire the British stopped their pursuit and retreated.

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  • listing for Sep 1782  9/1782 Edisto Island. American victory.

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