Edenton Bay

What: Skirmish, *Patriots vs. Capt. Quinn of gunboat General Arnold, June 1781.

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Where: 36.04172, -76.61437

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  • NBBAS:Vol. Three p.272
    Edenton, North Carolina
    June 1781

    Captain Michael Quinn had been in the 10th North Carolina Regiment in 1776 and had retired in June 1778. He was recalled for duty for the South Carolina campaign in 1779, but sometime after that he went over to the British cause and fought for the King. In June of 1781 Quinn was made commander of the row galley General Arnold.

    The General Arnold had been burning ships up the Chowan River but when it entered the Edenton harbor the row galley ran aground. Captain Quinn was not able to free the vessel and the local militia captured the galley. Hardy Murfree described Quinn as "the traitor Michael Quinn, who I hope will get what he deserves." While he was in captivity Quinn was murdered by the guards "by order of Colo. William Linton." No punishment was given to the guard and instead the Governor pardoned him for the murder.

  • RevWar75   listing. 25 Feb 1782. American victory (may be different action).

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