Eaton's Fort (Station)

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Eaton's Fort (Station) Militia assembled for Island Flats. 1776 Carter Val men retreated here. (CPI)

Where: 36.56481,-82.44724 Eaton's Fort (Station)

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    archiveCherokee Prayer Initiative:

      archive Cherokee Prayer Site Guide. Also found here. See site #533.
      533. Eaton's Fort (Station)
      THM, 2
      Holston River, east of Patrick Henry– 5 miles east of Kingsport
      Maps– OM
      Built by Amos Eaton near Reedy Creek
      Militia assembled here for Battle of Island Flats (OM)
      1776– Carter Valley men retreated here, warned by Nancy Ward (GW)

      archive Historical Notes on the Cherokee People, Linda Fulmer. Also see here.
      Sources (Bibliography).
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      [TH] Tennessee Historical Commission Publications, posters, various copyright dates.
      [TM] Thomas Mails, Cherokee People, 1992
      [OM] Alderman, The Overmountain Men, 1970.
      [GW] Grace Steele Woodward, The Cherokees, 1963.

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    7/20/1776 (Long) Island Flats (Eaton's Station) . American victory.

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