Easterwood Shoals

Other names:
Easterwood Ford

Shoals 3 mi. above Grindal Shoals, Tarleton fooled the militia guard and crossed here enroute to "Burr's Mill" and Cowpens.

Where: 34.904 -81.674 Easterwood Shoals

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  • James Graham, The Life of General Daniel Morgan: Of the Virginia Line of the Army of the ..., 1856, H. W. Derby & Co., p.283-284.
    These considerations occupied Morgan's attention, when the approach of Tarleton was announced. Being now convinced that the movements of Cornwallis and Tarleton had direct reference to himself, he broke up his encampment at Grindall's ford, and having sent a number of small detachments, with directions to observe the different fords of the Pacolet, and, to retire and report when the enemy effected a passage of the river, he put his troops in motion, and in the afternoon of the 15th, encamped at Burr's Mills, on Thicketty creek.

    On the evening of the same day, Tarleton reached the Pacolet, which he proposed crossing without delay. Here, however, he found the detachments which Morgan had left in observation on the opposite bank. Supposing that officer to be there in strength, and sensible of the danger of attempting to force a passage in the face of an adversary so wily and resolute, he resorted to stratagem to effect his purpose. With the feigned object of gaining the ford at the iron works, at some distance up the river, and of crossing before sufficient assistance could be given to the guard at that point to repel him, Tarleton moved in that direction on the same night. After marching about three hours, he suddenly ordered a halt. Having given his men a short period of repose, he retraced his steps, and before daylight the next morning, crossed the river without interruption at Easterwood shoals.*

    * Tarleton's Campaign, p.218.

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