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1780 or 1781. Mrs. Dunham & young daughter wounded by Indians.

Where: 36.09589,-86.85694 Dunhams

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  • ArchiveAlbright, Edward, Early History of Middle Tennessee. Nashville, Tenn., Brandon Printing Company, 1909. P.94
    In the summer of 1780, John and Daniel Dunham had located on that splendid body of land near French Lick, now known as Belle Meade. Having in the meantime built thereon a log house and made some other improvements, they were now obliged to move their families back to the fort at the Bluff for protection. A few days later Mrs. Dunham sent her little daughter to the woodpile, about three hundred yards up the hill, and near where the Maxwell House now stands, for a basket of chips. Some Indians were concealed in a fallen treetop near by. When the child came up they sprang out, seized her by the hair and tore off her scalp. Attracted by her cries the terrified mother was wounded by a shot from the Indians as she ran up the hill toward them. In the meantime the men from the fort had armed them- selves and came rushing to the rescue, but at sight of them the savages fled into the surrounding thickets and escaped.' Both mother and daughter recovered and lived for many years thereafter.

  • Archive Haywood, John, The Civil and Political History of the State of Tennessee from its Earliest Settlement up to the Year 1796, Nashville, Tenn., Publishing House of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1891. P.130 ff.
    few nights afterward Mrs. Dunham sent a small girl out of the fort to bring in something that she wanted, and the Indians being there, took hold of the child and scalped her, but they did not kill her, and she is still alive. Mrs. Dunham, hearing the cries of the child, advanced toward the place where she was, and was shot by one of the Indians and wounded dangerously, but not mortally. She lived many years afterward, and at length died, but never perfectly recovered her health.

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    8/2 - 10/1776 Lower Cherokee Settlements (Sugar Town, Soconee, Jocasee, Keowee, Estatoe). American victory.

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