Dorchester Road

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Skirmish, Dragoon party under Wm. Washington vs. *Capt. Heinrichs, 25 Mar 1780.

Where: 32.8749 -80.0950 Dorchester Road

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  • 32.8749,-80.0950 arbitrary location on road between Drayton's Plantation and Bacon's Bridge.
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  • 32.8908,-80.0701 arbitrary location north of Drayton's Plantation and north of the Ashley River (Dorchester Road)
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  • NBBAS:All:
    22 Mar 1780, p.127.
    At noon Ewald reached Drayton's plantation and posted his men in the zoological gardens. ...In the afternoon Leslie arrived and took up quarters in Drayton's Plantation.

    25 Mar 1780, Skirmish. Dorchester Road. Vol. Two, p.127-128. Revlist post.
    General Leslie received information that 600 of Colonel Washington's dragoons and Verner's Legion had occupied the pass to Bacon's Bridge. At daybreak on March 25th Heinrichs and his Jägers detected a party of cavalry approaching their post on the Dorchester Road.

  • Since Washington was posted at Bacon's Bridge (on the Ashley River) and Ewald (with Leslie) was at Drayton's Plantation (south of the Ashley River), it is not unreasonable to conclude that the "highway to Dorchester" would have been the road south of the Ashley River (modern highway 61).

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    25 March. [skirmish] Dorchester Road (Charleston County, S.C.) Ewald: "At daybreak the outpost under Captain Hinrichs on the highway to Dorchester was alarmed by an enemy party. He sent several men through the wood lying before him on the right to fire a few shots in the flank of the enemy. A noncommissioned officer of the enemy [American] party, who ventured ahead beyond all daring, was shot in the belly and captured. I asked him why he behaved so rashly. 'Sir, Colonel [William] Washington promised me that I would become an officer right away, if I could discover whether the jagers were supported by infantry and had cannon with them, because if not, he would try to harass the jagers.' "He begged me to ask the surgeon whether his wound was mortal, and when he heard that it was he lay quietly down like a brave man, clasping his hands, saying: 'Well, then I die for my country and its just cause.' "Captain Hinrichs handed him a glass of wine. He drank it down with relish, and died like a man."298

    [footnote:]298 EHJ p. 214.
    [abbreviation,p.9:] EHJ ~ (Johann Ewald) Diary of the American War (Joseph P. Tustin, editor and translator.)

  • Mar 1780 listing: 3/25/1780 Dorchester Road. Insufficient data.

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