Dewitt's Corner.

Other names: Devits, Duet's Corner, modern Due West (6.1 miles SE of Dewitt's Corner).

What: Treaty, 20 May 1777, Treaty ceding all land in SC except small strip in n.w. modern Oconee County.

Where: 34.398601, -82.446398

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  • Cherokee Prayer Initiative
    • Historical Notes on the Cherokee People, by Linda Fulmer from (no longer a "live" website). Two separate treaties ended hostilities with the Cherokees. The first was signed on May 20, 1777 at DeWitt's Corner by headmen from South Carolina and Georgia. They ceded all but a small strip of land in South Carolina, but were permitted to remain on the ceded land"by political indulgence". They rebuilt many Lower towns in present Oconee County. [R] The second treaty was signed on July 20, 1777 at Long Island on the Holston River by headmen of Virginia and North Carolina. They ceded all land east of the Blue Ridge. [R] [HC] Ref. given as: [HC] Emmett Starr, History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore,1921.

    • Cherokee Prayer Initiative, Site Guide: 698. Treaty of DeWitt's Corner 1777 Treaty after the defeat of the Cherokee in the fall of 1776 at the beginning of the Revolution. Now Due West on the Cherokee Path. Treaty took place on creek west of town.

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    Snippett from Mills Abbeville 1820 map:
    showing Dewitt's Corner just over the line from Abbeville District in Pendleton District (modern Anderson County SC).

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