Dewee's Inlet, near

Other names: Spencer's Inlet

21 July 1776, *Lt. Francis Pickering, American row galley Revenge vs. Capt. Porterfield, British brig Glasgow Packet, grounded, captured, burned. (JCP)

Where: 32.803925 -79.71304 Dewee's Inlet, near

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  • 1. E. Lee Spence, Shipwrecks of South Carolina and Georgia, "Spence's List 1520-1865", Sea Research Society, Sullivan's Island, SC, 1984, p.229-230
    The "South Carolina and American General Gazette," of August 2, 1776, reported that a British brigantine, with 6 sailors and 50 soldiers aboard, which had gone aground near DeWees Inlet, South Carolina, had been captured and burnt by the Americans. The brigantine was armed with 6 four-pounders. The soldiers threw their small arms overboard at the approach of the Americans. Four of the crew escaped in their boat. {Note: This was probably the British vessel Glasgow Packet, the loss of which W.W. Wannamaker describes in his book about the Isle of Palms, South Carolina. Wannamaker says that the Glasgow Packet grounded on a sandbar near Charleston on July 21, 1776, and was captured, stripped and burnt by the Americans in a 10 gun row galley. Wannamaker wrote that a few of the vessel's crew escaped in the vessel's long boat, "but thirty officers and men of the crew, and fifty Scotch Highlanders" were captured.)

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  • Journal of the General Assembly of South Carolina, September 17, 1776 ..., ed. Alexander Samuel Salley, Historical Commission of South Carolina, published 1909, p.152
    It appearing to the House that the late Commander and mariners of the Armed Vessel called the Revenge had received no more than Two Sixth Parts of the nett Amount of Sales of the Cargo taken by them on board the Transport Brigantine Glasgow Packet and that the other Four Sixth Parts had been paid into the Treasury as the share of the State Resolved That the Commissioners of the Treasury do advance and pay to Captain Pickering late Commander and the mariners late belonging to the said armed Vessel One Sixth Part of the Four Sixths of the net amount of the said Sales so paid into the Treasury as a further Encouragement for their Gallant Behaviour in the taking the said Brigantine Glasgow Packet.

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  • July 1776 listing   7/21/1776 DeWee's Inlet (Spencer's Inlet) British Transport Glascow Packet. American victory.

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