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Where: 11.75, 79.75 Cuddalore

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  • 11.717 79.767 Cuddalore
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  • Wiki Wikipedia Battle of Cuddalore (1783)
    The Battle of Cuddalore was a battle between a British fleet under Admiral Sir Edward Hughes and a slightly smaller French fleet under the Bailli de Suffren off the coast of India near Cuddalore during the American Revolutionary War, which in 1780 had sparked the Second Mysore War in India. The battle took place on 20 June 1783, after peace had been signed in Europe but before the news had reached India. It was the final battle of the American Revolutionary War. On the death of French ally Hyder Ali, the British decided to retake Cuddalore, and marched some troops from Madras, and began preparing for a siege. The French fleet under Suffren appeared off the port on 13 June. A week of fickle winds prevented either side from engaging, but on 20 June Suffren attacked. No ships were seriously damaged, though casualties were high with both sides losing about 100 men dead and 400 wounded. The British fleet retreated to Madras after the action, preventing the landing of transports carrying additional troops to reinforce the siege. A sortie from the town weakened the British forces, which were likely to have raised the siege if word had not arrived on 29 June that a preliminary peace had been agreed between France and Britain.

  • FIBIS Families in British India Society Battle of Cuddalore 1783
    General Stuart determined to recover Cuddalore from the French who had constructed entrenchments in front of the town. He arrived on 7 June and the British fleet under Admiral Hughes anchored to the south of the fort to protect the army and its supply ships. Stuart commenced the assault on 13 June. Attack and counterattack followed in the next three days until the French fleet arrived on 16 June. The naval action was indecisive but the British were forced to withdraw due to scurvy and lack of water. The French landed reinforcements but the land armies were unable to gain advantage. A truce was agreed and hostilities suspended on 2 July.
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    "Extract from the Journal of an Officer of the 101st Regiment relative to the attack of Cuddalore by Major General Stuart June 1783" from The Political magazine and parliamentary, naval, military, and literary journal, Volume 7 for the year 1784 Google Books

  • Wiki Wikipedia Siege of Cuddalore (1783)
    The Siege of Cuddalore was a siege attempt by British troops against a combined French and Mysorean garrison in the fortress of Cuddalore late in the War of American Independence and the Second Anglo-Mysore War. The siege was ended by the preliminary peace between France and Britain.

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