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Coweechee, 1776 Black Hole fight. Williamson incl. 20 Catawba vs. Lower Town Cherokee (CPI)

Where: 35.41207,-83.72183 Coweechee

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      In 1776"Black Hole" fight with Williamson
      Located across the Cowee Mtns from Stecoah

      archive Historical Notes on the Cherokee People, Linda Fulmer. Also see here.
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      They rejoined Rutherford September 18 or a few days afterward. [R] On September 19 they advanced along the Coweechee River to the"Black Hole", a horseshoe-shaped meadow surrounded by mountains. There they were ambushed and engaged in another"ring fight"with six hundred Cherokees. Captain Edward Hampton led a company of men who routed the warriors from their cover. They fled, and many were killed. It was said that he avenged the earlier massacre of his family members. [96]
      [R] Chapman J. Milling, Red Carolinians, 1940.
      [96] Robert D. Bass, Ninety Six, 1978.

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    Sep 1776 listing. 9/19/1776 Black Hole of the Coweecho (Coweechee) River. Shown as American victory.

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