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Cockspur Island.

What: Raid, Capt. John Brown, American schooner vs. *British Raven and Cherokee, 12–13 May 1776

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32.0277135 -80.8984444 Cockspur Island

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  • NBBAS:One. p. 105-106

    Cockspur Island, Georgia, Georgia, 12 – 13 May 1776

    At 11 o’clock on May 12th a raiding party of Georgians attacked the British post on Cockspur Island and attempted to capture "“a White Man a Pilot & some Negroes."” They were discovered approaching the post and were fired upon, killing one of the raiders. The men retreated towards their boats to escape the island. The Royal Sloops of War Raven and the Cherokee sent sailors in three boats to the west end of the island to cut off any escape. They captured one of the Georgian’s boats with three wounded raiders in it. The prisoners told the British sailors of an armed schooner that was waiting for them up the Savannah River at 4 Mile Point.

    At one in the morning on May 13th the sailors from the Raven and Cherokee sailed up the Savannah River in a pinnace and two boats to find the armed schooner. Two other boats were assigned to guard Cockspur Island while they were conducting their attack. The British sailors easily captured the armed schooner because they thought the British sailors were part of the returning raiding party. Captain John Brown commanded the American schooner and had eight men on board. The schooner was armed with six swivel guns and six organs, and was sailed back to Cockspur Island. At 11 o’clock the British captured three other men from the raid that was trying to get up the river.

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  • RevWar75  
    7/9/1775 Bloody Point (SC), Cockspur Island (GA) Phillippa. Shown as naval action, American victory.
    3/1/1776 Cockspur Island. Shown as draw.
    3/25/1776 Cockspur Island HM Armed Vessel Cherokee. Shown as American victory.
    4/12/1776 Cockspur Island HM Armed Vessel Cherokee HM Sloop Raven. Shown as British victory.
    5/12/1776 Cockspur Island HM Armed Vessel Cherokee. Shown as draw.
    5/13/1776 Cockspur Island HM Armed Vessel Cherokee HM Sloop Raven. Shown as draw.

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