Clarke's camp, 7 August 1780.

What: Campsite, 7 Aug 1780, Col. Elijah Clarke

Where: 34.901499 -81.910700, Clarke's camp, 7 Aug 1780

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  • 34.901499,-81.910700, Clarke's camp, 7 Aug 1780
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    • Draper, Kings Mountain and It's Heroes, describes the activities of Capt. James Dunlap during July and August of 1780 and makes no mention of a Green Spring skirmish. Elijah Clarke was camped 2 miles west of Cedar Spring prior to hearing of Dunlap's approach. They then moved to a suitable defensive position near the peach orchard, 1 mile from Cedar Spring and and 1.5 miles from Wofford's Iron Works (p.90).

    • Wes Hope, The Spartanburg Area in the American Revolution, self-published, 2003, p.52, gives the location of Clarke's campsite as at the modern soccer complex at Fairforest Creek on Old Canaan Road. Basis for site location.

    • It appears that Col. Elijah Clarke and Capt. James Dunlap were the opponents in the skirmish of Green Spring. It also appears that both were in the Spartanburg area during the time when the battle is supposed to have occurred. There appears to be some possibility that the skirmish at Green Spring may be no more than a garbled account of the Peach Orchard/Wofford's Iron Works skirmishes.

    • Sherman, "Calendar..." . Search for green springs. 2 returns. To avoid long downloads, use option to "Save and view this PDF in Reader".

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    • Southern Campaigns of the American Revolution n/l. Search for green springs. 1 return.

    • RevWar75 RevWar75   listing
      8/1/1780 Green (Greene's) Spring. Draw.
      8/8/1780 2d Cedar Springs (Wofford's Iron Works, Green Springs, Buffington, Peach Orchard). American victory.

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