Grave of Elijah Clarke.

Other names: Elijah Clarke State Park


Where: 33.854411 -82.402808, Elijah Clarke's grave, Elijah Clarke State Park

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  • Southern Campaign ~ Rev War. Additional details.

  • Online Athens: "Elijah Clarke died a popular hero on Dec. 15, 1799, one day after George Washington died. Hannah lived to be 90. Both were buried at the home plantation ''Woodburn'' in Lincoln County. When this area was covered by Clark's Hill Reservoir [1946-1954], their remains were moved to the entrance of the Elijah Clarke State Park on the banks of Clark's Hill Lake."

  • Per this account, Clark (spelling emphasized) was buried at
    1. Lincolnton GA, 1799
    2. Woodburn Plantation
    3. National Cemetery, Marietta GA, 1925
    This sequence is questionable since the Clark Hill reservoir (later renamed Strom Thurmond Lake), was built beginning in 1946.

  • Clark's orignal grave was located in an area now inundated by Strom Thurmond Lake (formerly Clark's Hill Lake), someplace in Lincoln County GA.

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