Chowan Creek

Other names: Near Capers Creek

Skirmish, 50 patriot militia vs. Maj. Andrew Deveaux, Mar 1782

Where: 32.37529,-80.629220 Chowan Creek

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  • Chowan Cr

  • Terry Lipscomb, "South Carolina Revolutionary War Battles", Part Nine, Names in South Carolina, XXVIII, Winter 1981, p.33:
    Among the actions in this last category, was one carried out in March 1782 by Major Andrew Deveaux of the Granville County royal militia.
    . . .
    While Deveaux and his men were at Beaufort, they recaptured a British schooner which had been carried into the port, and searched the neighboring creeks and inlets for concealed American vessels. One such prize was discovered in the vicinity of Capers Creek, but as Deveaux attempted to bring it off with a party of fourteen men in rowboats, he was attacked from the shore by fifty Patriot militia. The engagement lasted about fifteen minutes, and the only reported casualties were three Patriot soldiers, wounded.
    . . .
    Capers Creek is a branch of Chowan Creek, which flows into the Beaufort River opposite Parris Island.

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  • RevWar75 RevWar75  
  • March 1782 listing: 3/4 - 25/1782 Beaufort. British victory. Per Heitman, Peckham, Braisted.

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