Cherokee Ford SC

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Strategic defensive point, rendezvous point and crossing of Broad River, used before Kings Mountain

Where: 35.0743561 -81.557768 Cherokee Ford SC

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  • Lyman Copeland Draper, King's Mountain and Its Heroes: History of the Battle of King's Mountain ... , 1881 P.G. Thomson,
    Arriving at the Cherokee Ford, they met Colonel McDowell, when Colonel Shelby, together with Colonel Clarke, Colonel Andrew Hampton and Major Charles Robertson, of Sevier's regiment, were detached with six hundred men, to surprise Thicketty Fort, some twenty miles distant.


    It was, therefore, the policy of the Americans to maintain their position near Cherokee Ford, guard against surprise, and harass their adversaries, until they should be able, with augmented numbers, to expel them from the country.

  • James Gettys McGready Ramsey, The Annals of Tennessee to the End of the Eighteenth Century: Comprising Its ..., 1853, John Russell, p.244
    We reached the Cow Pens, on the Broad River, in South-Carolina, where we were joined by Col. James Williams, on the evening of the 6th October, who informed us that the enemy lay encamped somewhere near the Cherokee Ford of Broad River, about thirty miles distant from us.

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