Cherokee Ford GA

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Strategic crossing of the Savannah River and rendezvous point, long confused and described as a combination of McGowan's Blockhouse, Vann's Creek, and Kettle Creek.

Where: 34.1186 -82.66813 Cherokee Ford GA

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  • 34.1186,-82.66813 Cherokee Ford GA
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  • William Gordon, The History of the Rise, Progress, and Establishment, of the Independence of .., Vol. III, 1788, Printed for the Author


    Several hundreds of the Carolina tories collected, embodied under the denomiation of loyalists, and marched along the western frontiers of South Carolina. They had such numbers of the most infamous characters among them, that their general complexion was that of a plundering banditti, more solicitous for booty than the honor and interest of their royal master. As they marched, they appropriated to their own use every kind of property they could carry off. Col. Pickins upon intelligence of their progress and rapine, collected the whig militia of the district of Ninety Six. He left a guard at the Cherokee ford to impede their crossing the Savannah, -while he went upon some other service; during his absence they made good their paffage. He immediately followed them with about 300 men; came up with and engaged them about three-quarters of an hour, when they gave way and were totally routed. They had 40 killed, including their leader Col. Boyd, who had been secretly employed by the British to collect and head them. Pickins had nine killed and several wounded.

    [This early account can be recognized in some of the other listings which follow]

  • Joel Munsell, The Every Day Book of History and Chronology: Embracing the Anniversaries of ... , 1858, Appleton


    February 14.
    1779. Battle of Cherokee Ford, in which Col. Pickens attacked and defeated a body of tories, killed 39 of them and their leader, Col. Boyd, and took about 70 prisoners. Of the last 5 only were executed. Pickens lost 9 killed.
    [This roughly describes the actions at McGowan's Blockhouse, Vann's Creek and Kettle Creek combined.]

  • Francis Bernard Heitman, Historical Register of Officers of the Continental Army During the War of ..., 1914, The Rare book shop Publishing Company, Inc.


    Alphabetical List Of Battles, Actions, &c.
    Cherokee Ford South Carolina, 14th February, 1779.

    [This appears to be consistent with Munsell, above.]

  • Sons of the American Revolution, A National Register of the Society, Sons of the American Revolution, 1902, A. H. Kellogg,


    Principal Events of The American Revolution.
    14. 1779—Engagement at Cherokee Ford, S. C.

    [This appears to continue the confusion of actions]

  • Mark Boatner, Encyclopedia of the American Revolution, 1994, Stackpole Books,


    Cherokee Ford, S.C., 14 Feb. '79. Skirmish preceding the action at Kettle Creek, same date.

    [This usually reliable source continues the confusion of the actions]

  • Edward McCrady, The History of South Carolina in the Revolution, 1775-1780, 1901, Macmillan & Co., Ltd.


    This hazardous enterprise through Major Williamson was intrusted to Captain James McCall, whom we have seen with a company at Ninety-Six, and who was now beginning a brilliant career, which unfortunately was not to outlast the revolutionary struggle. With Captain McCall were associated Captain James Baskin and Ensign Patrick Calhoun. Their party consisted of twenty-two volunteers from Carolina and eleven from Georgia. The avowed object of the party was to demand restoration of property plundered by Loyalists and Indians. This they were to ask, however, in a friendly way. The detachment rendezvoused at the Cherokee Ford on the Savannah River on the 20th of June, 1776, and marched for the Cherokee nation.

    [Cherokee Ford served as a rendezvous point]

  • NBBAS:One p.244.
    O'Kelley treats McGowen's Blockhouse, Vann's Creek and Kettle Creek separately.

  • RevWar75 RevWar75  
  • Feb 1779 listing  
    2/9/1779 McGowan's Blockhouse. Insufficient data. Per O'Kelley.
    2/10/1779 Vann's Creek (Cherokee Ford) . Insufficient data. Per O'Kelley..
    2/14/1779 Cherokee Ford. Draw. Per Heitman, Peckham

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