Charles Town Neck

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Siege, BG Wm. Moultrie vs. *MG Augustine Prévost, 11-13 May 1779

Where: 32.817 -79.950 Charles Town Neck

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  • Terry Lipscomb, Names in South Carolina, XXI, Winter 1774, Archive "South Carolina Revolutionary Battles: Part II". pp.XXI:, p.23
    The British army followed, crossed the Ashley River, and besieged the town on May 11. Some skirmishes took place on the lines, one involving the noted Polish officer, Casimir Pulaski, in an engagement with the British advance guard. Moultrie and Governor John Rutledge carried on negotiations, stalling for time. Finally, Prevost received intelligence of General Lincoln's advance from the west, evacuated his army under the cover of night, and was gone on the morning of May 13. The British retreated through the sea islands, leaving a rear guard on the mainland at Stono Ferry under Lieutenant Colonel John Maitland

  • NBBAS:One p.277-284

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  • May 1779 listing
    5/11 - 13/1779 Charlestown Neck. British victory.

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