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  • Google Allen, Joseph, Battles of the British Navy, Vol. I (1190-1799), London: Henry G. Bohn, 1852. Click on icon in u.r.h. corner to download pdf. P.325.
    1782.—On the 5th of January, a large party of seamen and marines, belonging to the squadron of Vice-Admiral Sir Edward Hughes, landed on the island of Ceylon, under the command of Captain John Gell, of the Monarca, assisted by Captains James Montagu, of the Medea, and Henry Reynolds, of the Combustion, accompanied by a detachment of troops and sepoys. Before dark the whole had safely disembarked about three miles below Trincomal6 fort, and made so rapid a movement that the garrison surrendered without opposition. Learning, from the prisoners, that the remainder of the Dutch troops had retired to Fort Ostenburgh, it was determined to attempt its reduction ; and, at daybreak on the 11th, 450 seamen and marines, covered on each flank by a company of pioneers, and provided with a sufficient reserve, advanced to the assault, and, gallantly driving the enemy from their works, gained possession of the fort. The loss sustained on this occasion amounted to Lieutenant George Long, second of the Superb, and twenty men killed ; and Lieutenants William Wolsely (navy) and Samuel Orr (marines) and forty men wounded. The enemy's loss was very severe. In the harbour were found two richly-laden Dutch ships, and sixtyseven pieces of cannon, besides guns, dismounted mortars, &c., which also fell into the hands of the captors.

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