Cedar Spring.

What: Skirmish, 12 July 1780, *Col. John Thomas, Jr. vs. Brit. provincials

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Where: 34.909311, -81.875809, Cedar Spring

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  • 34.909311,-81.875809, Cedar Spring (spring)
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  • 34.910240,-81.876950, Cedar Spring (marker)
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    • CBB:
      1. Col. John Thomas, Jr.'s ambush of Loyalists at Cedar Spring on creek south of church and south of road on topo map.
      2. It is just across the road from the big church south about 100 yards.....the bold spring is still there and George Fields and Wes Hope agree. Basis of site location.
      3. Wes Hope said it was called "Cedar Spring", not Springs as there is only one spring...he thinks that the plural is a modern corruption. I think the big Baptist Church on the site is called Cedar Spring Baptist Church..

    • Draper, Kings Mountain and it's Heroes, p.74, last footnote:
      Cedar Spring derived its name from a large cedar tree that formerly ornamented the banks of this fine spring, which is about fifty feet in circumference. It has three principal fountains or sources of supply, which force the water from the bowels of the earth, forming a beautiful basin three feet deep. The water is impregnated with a small portion of lime.
    • An additional spring may be found just behind (north of) the church.

    • JR: (unpublished cd) Cedar Spring marker 34.910240, -81.876950

    • NBBAS:Two. p.197-198

    • Sherman, "Calendar..." . Search for cedar spring. Numerous returns. To avoid long downloads, use option to "Save and view this PDF in Reader".

    • RevWar75   listing. 7/12/1780 Cedar Springs. Draw.

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