Cedar Ponds (Creek).

What: Skirmish, ?? vs. ??, ??/??/??

Other names: Lynches Mill

33.75137, -81.24902, Cedar Ponds (Creek), per JP

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  • 33.75137, -81.24902, Cedar Creek (Pond), per JP based on tour with Dean Hunt and Leo Redmond. JP provides 2 points, defining a line, somewhere along which the skirmish is believed to have occurred. This point is approximately midway of that line.

  • Terry J. Lipscomb, "South Carolina Revolutionary Battles, Part Ten", Winter 1983 from Neuffer, Claude Henry and Irene Neuffer, Names in South Carolina, University of South Carolina, Winter 1973 through Winter 1983:
    "Not far from the site of an old miII on Cedar Creek is another spot in the county that is firmly believed to be a Revolutionary battlefield. The object of speculation here is a tumulus filIed with human bones, indicating a mass buria1 or "Tory graveyard." When these remains were first unearthed in the nineteenth century, local residents remembered having heard of a Revolutionary War fight in which the Americans ambushed a royal detachment from a concealed position on the opposite side of the swamp. The skirmish is sometimes referred to by the name of Lynch's Mill, although the Lynch family did not obtain the property until after the Revolution. The site is located on the south side of Cedar Pond, due south of Pelion and due east of the junction S.C. 215 and state secondary road 245.8

    It is possible that some of the mystery battle sites west of the Congaree and Santee rivers may have been connected with a raid that Colonel Richard Hampton carried out about the first of June 1781. At this time Thomas Sumter was camped at Ancrum's plantation on the Richland County side of the river, and he sent Hampton with a party of Orangeburg Patriots on an extensive tour to the southward. In one engagement, Hampton defeated and killed a Captain Livingston, who has been identified as Henry Livingston. In a later action, he defeated a party of about fifty men under a Colonel Colten, inflicting some casualties. The commanding general's dispatch, however, fails to provide enough information for certain identification of the sites, as is often the case in reports of cavalry raids."

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