Catfish Creek.

What: Campsite, Col. Watson, 3 April 1781

Where: 34.180206 -79.413103 Catfish Creek

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  • Catfish Cr

  • William Dobien James, Life of Brig. Gen. Francis Marion, P.39.

  • NBBAS:Three, p.178.
    Watson learned of Greene’s army entering into South Carolina, and he knew that Camden would be the primary target for Greene. He burned his baggage, wheeled his artillery into the swamp at Catfish Creek, and marched with all speed to Camden.

  • Sherman's Calendar.... Search for catfish creek. 11 returns.
    7 April. Having left Georgetown a day or so earlier, and crossed the Peedee at Britton's Ferry, Lieut. Col. John Watson arrived on the 7th at "Widow Jenkins," where he bivouacked. With him were 500 men, including some Provincial Light Infantry, the 64th Regt., Harrison Provincials, some loyalist militia, and 2 field pieces.1853 William Dobein James: "Col. Watson, having refreshed and reinforced his party, and received a fresh supply of military stores and provisions at Georgetown, proceeded again towards the Pedee [Peedee]. On his march he had nothing to impede him but a few bridges broken down. He took the nearest route across Black river at Wragg's ferry, and crossing the Pedee at Euhany [Euhaney], and the little Pedee at Potato bed ferry, he halted at Catfish creek, a mile from where Marion court house now stands. -- Here Ganey's party flocked in to him in such numbers that he was soon nine hundred strong."
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  • Mills 1818 Marion map (James wrote in 1820):

    Catfish Creek

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