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Castle Harbour, Bermuda.

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13 June 1777, Castle Harbour, Bermuda. Charles and Francis Morgan (privateers) vs. fort commander

32.34862, -64.68917, Castle Harbour, Bermuda

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  • NBBAS:One, p.183-4. 13 June 1777. "During the summer of 1777 the island of Bermuda was hot and dry and famine was a great possibility. The assemblymen of the island repeatedly asked England if they would lift the embargo against the colonies so they could get food. Lord Howe ordered that no West Indies island would be allowed to release any produce for any reason. The War Office did eventually order the governor of Barbados to release some of the government stores to relieve Bermuda. The order was either ignored or not received because no relief came. Charles and Francis Morgan of South Carolina decided to attack the weakened harbor of Bermuda with their two armed brigs. In the harbor at Bermuda were the tender of the Royal Navy frigate Galatea, a decoy boat and a brig from Bristol with a cargo of dry goods. The British ship Nautilus was in the harbor, but she was unrigged and all her guns had been taken ashore. The harbor was virtually defenseless. Captain Charles Morgan captured a pilot who would lead them into Castle Harbor, but the pilot escaped and warned the harbor. This did not deter the two privateers and they decided to attack the fort directly. The South Carolinians sailed into the harbor the next day and was fired upon by the fort’s five guns. When the two South Carolina brigs gave the fort a broadside the British abandoned the works. The two Morgans landed on the shore, spiked the guns and burned the fort. After sacking the fort the two ships set out the next day and captured the sloop Ann, bound from Honduras for Rotterdam with a shipment of mahogany. The Morgans sailed their prize into Charlestown. After the attack Bermuda finally received relief from the possibility of famine by smuggling in 1,000 bushels of corn from the “enemy” in Virginia."

  • "Bermuda during the Revolution.

  • Archive "Bermuda's History from 1700 to 1899".

  • Sherman's Calendar.... These dates not included in this work.

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  • listing 6/13/1777 Castle Harbor. Shown as draw.

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