Cashua Ferry

Other names: Cashway Ferry, Brownsville Church, Muddy Creek Church

Skirmish *American (or allied) commander vs. British (or allied) commander, 17 Apr 1781

Where: 34.426469 -79.650840 Church
34.354 -79.688 Cashua Ferry

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  • Terry W. Lipscomb, "South Carolina Revolutionary Battles - Part Ten" (MS H-2-2), unpublished:
    A general place of rendezvous for Patriot forces in this area was Cashua Ferry or Cashway Ferry on the Great Pee Dee River. A short distance from the ferry landing on the Marlboro County side of the river, there stood a Baptist church that was used as a Patriot militia headquarters on weekdays; the Reverend Evan Pugh preached there on Sundays even at the height of the Revolution. The church building became the object of a furious skirmish between the Whigs and Tories at some point during the war. The details of the action were forgotten by later generations, but the Tories are supposed to have been chased into the swamp at its conclusion. When a new meeting house was built at Cashway after the war, portions of the old building' were incorporated into an edifice for its daughter congregation at Muddy Creek Church, later Brownsville Church. For many years thereafter, the Baptists at Brownsville worshipped in a building with bullet holes of 1780-81 vintage in its doors and shutters. Cashua Ferry was - located about where S.C. 34 today crosses the Pee Dee River. . Brownsville Church is located on S.C. 38 in Marlboro County about three miles north of the present community of Brownsville; Brown's Mill was probably in the general vicinity of the church.

    Footnote 31 - J. A. W. Thomas, A History of Marlboro County, pp. 110-11; Leah ..., Townsend, South Carolina Baptists 1670-1805, pp. 84-87, 90-91; Pension Account of William Windham, R11701, National Archives. On the basis of an entry in Evan Pugh's diary, Thomas has dated the Cashua Ferry affair about. April 17, 1781, but either he or Gregg is misquoting Pugh's diary. Alexander Gregg, History of the Old Cheraws, p. 371.

  • Alexander Gregg, History of the Old Cheraws, Richardson And Company, 1867, p. 371:
    Mr. Pugh's Journal contains a few brief entries at this period : "Tuesday, 17th of April. Had news of the Tories in Cashway.

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