Carter's Fort.

Carter's Fort,1776 3 killed by Indians. 1777 Attacked by Little Fellow & Cherokee

Other names: Crissman's Fort 1774-1776, Rye Cove Fort, Fort Lee

36.69475,-82.753533, Carter's Fort, Scott Co. VA

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  • 36.69475,-82.753533, Carter's Fort
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    • KA - 7 Carter's Fort - Virginia Historical Marker
      KA 7
      Carter's Fort
      Near here stood a fort first known as Crissman's Fort, and later as Carter's or Rye Cove Fort, and by militia officers as Fort Lee. Built by Isaac Crissman, Sr. in 1774, it was acquired by Thomas Carter (1731-1803) after Crissman's death at the hands of indians in 1776. the fort was rebuilt in 1777 by Col. Joseph Martin and his militia troops who occupied it until at least 1794. The fort was under the command of Captain Andrew Lewis, Jr. from 1792 to 1794. Department of Conservation and Historic Resources. 1987
      N 36 41.685 W 082 45.212 (36.69475 -82.75353) Location basis Comments:
      .....The exact date that he settled on the land is not shown. He and two members of his family were slain at or near the spot in 1776 by the Indians.....
      .....One of these companies under command of Captain Joseph Martin was stationed in the Rye Cove during the winter and spring of 1777. They were stationed at Crissman's Fort. While here Martin's Company was attacked by Indians under the leadership of a son of Nancy Ward's, known among the whites by the name of Little Fellow......

    • SCPA "Pension Application of Charles Bickley S10091", Transcribed by Will Graves.
      That he entered the service of the United States in the month of September or October, 1775, within the limits of the now territory of Russell County, Virginia, under Captain William Russell, Lieutenant William Bowen and Ensign James Knox, and was rendezvoused and stationed at the Rye Cove in the County of Scott in the State aforesaid, where he remained in service, guarding and defending that fort, until the 23rd day of January, 1776, when he was discharged and returned home, after having remained in the public service at least three months and a half, and as he verily believes four months. That in the then next ensuing summer of 1776, but at what precise date he cannot now remember, but recollects that he was engaged hoeing corn in the County of Russell aforesaid, a few weeks before when an alarm was raised that the Indians were in the settlements and the people of the neighborhood had assembled at the fort, when a company of militia, from the neighborhood of Reed Creek in the now County of Wythe, commanded by Capt. John Montgomery, Lieutenant Michael Daugherty and Ensign John Simpson, were on their march to Rye Cove Fort, preparatory to an expected expedition against the Cherokee Indians, when he, the said Charles Bickley enrolled himself as a Private, and marched under the said officers, to the Fort aforesaid, where they remained a short time, when in obedience to orders from Col. Bledsoe, then in command of the frontier forces upon that frontier, they evacuated the Rye Cove Fort, and being a more exposed point, and without sufficient forces for the defense, and marched to Black more's [sic, Blackmore's] Fort on Clinch River, and formed a junction with the forces stationed at that fort. .....
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