Cape St. Vincent

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Where: 37.121 -8.845 Cape St. Vincent

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  • Google Allen, Joseph, Battles of the British Navy, Vol. I (1190-1799), London: Henry G. Bohn, 1852. Click on icon in u.r.h. corner to download pdf. P.297.
    On the 16th of January, at 1 h. P.R., Cape St. Vincent bearing north, distant four leagues, a fleet was discovered in the south-east quarter, upon which the signal was made to bear up east in line. At 2h. Admiral Rodney, perceiving that the strange fleet was the one of which he had intelligence, and that the ships were crowding all sail to escape, made the signal for a general chase. The wind was blowing strong from the westward, with hazy weather. The coppered ships gained rapidly in the pursuit ; and shortly after 4h. P.M. the 74-gun ships Defence, Bedford, Resolution, and Edgar, Captains James Cranston, Edmund Aleck, Sir Chaloner Ogle, and John Elliot, commenced firing on the enemy, retreating in great disorder. The 64-gun ship Bienfaisant., Captain John Macbride, having at a little before oh. got up with the Spanish 70-gun ship San Domingo, the latter blew up with a tremendous explosion, and every man perished. One man, picked up by the Pegasus, was in so dreadful a state, that he expired before reaching Gibraltar. The action was continued during the night, which was dark and squally ; but at 2h. A.B. on the following morning Admiral Rodney, conceiving the enemy's ships to be all so disabled as to prevent their escaping, and the wind having increased to a gale, ordered the fleet to heave to.
  • Wikipedia: Cape St. Vincent: "...a cape in the municipality of Sagres, in the Algarve, southern Portugal."

  • Wikipedia: "Battle of Cape St. Vincent (1780)".

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