Cape Roman (Romain), off

Other names:
Cape Romain, Cape Carteret

24 Apr 1776, Capt. John Chase Defiance vs. *Capt. Dauzey, 33rd Rgt. aboard Golden Rule, Isaac Thompson, Master, capture

Where: 32.90215 -79.18964 Cape Roman (Romain), off

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  • 32.90215,-79.18964 Cape Roman (Romain), off
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  • 33.0068358 -79.3595031 Cape Romain
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  • North Carolina Office of Archives & History, The Colonian Records Project, 1776. Search for July 29
    July 29, 1776 Caledonian Mercury (Edinburgh)

    Extract of a letter from the camp near Cape Fear, North-Carolina, May 16.

    "On April the 24th, at day-break, Capt. Dauzey, commanding two companies of the 33d regiment, on board the Golden Rule transport, Isaac Thompson, master, fell in with a sloop belonging to the rebels, off Cape Roman, South Carolina, which, after firing a few shot, and half an hourís chace, he took and carried into Cape Fear river to General Clinton; she was the Defiance, Capt. John Chace, of Providence, Rhode Island, bound to Charlestown, South-Carolina, and laden with coffee, chocolate, cyder, spermaceti candles, oil, rum, etc. to the value of £500 sterling."

  • From Mouzon, 1775. Verifies that Cape Roman and modern Cape Romain are the same. Note optional name Carteret.

    Cape Roman

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  • RoyalProvincial.Com, "War Chronology, 1776"
    24 Apr 1776   off Cape Roman, South Carolina   No known loyalist units present.

  • RevWar75 RevWar75  
  • Apr 1776 listing 4/24/1776 off Cape Roman. Insufficient data. Per Braisted.

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