Camping Creek

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Skirmish, Captain Lindsey vs. Unknown, between Mar & May 1781 [1782?]

Where: 34.17858 -81.471731 Camping Creek

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  • William Caldwell, Pension Statement S2116, 1832 This deponent further states that between [sic, on?] the first of March in the year 1781 he volunteered to serve in a volunteer company of mounted men under the same Captain above named [Lindsey]; he served in said company until the 7th day of May following during which time the deponent was engaged in a skirmish with the Tories on Camping Creek about 8 miles from Saluda River in Newberry district.

  • Terry W. Lipscomb, "South Carolina Revolutionary Battles - Part Ten" (MS H-2-2), unpublished manuscript, p.13,
    Another skirmish occurred on Camping Creek about eight miles from the Saluda River. This fixes its location roughly halfway between Prosperity and Little Mountain, although it is impossible at the present time to say exactly what happened here.

  • Terry Lipscomb, Battles, Skirmishes and Actions of the American Revolution in South Carolina, SC Department of Archives and History, 1991
    Action Date County Reference
    213. Camping Creek Unknown Newberry NSC 30:13

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