Burr's Mill

Other names: Byce's Mill, Byas Mill, Buis' Mill, Bise Mill, Boise Mill

Campsite used by Tarleton on 16 Jan 1781, by Morgan on 15 Jan 1781 and by Ferguson earlier.

Where: 35.01010 -81.74716 Arbitrary mid-point between options, approximately 3/4 mile from actual site. Location used.
Where: 35.005527 -81.759142 Byce's (Byas) Mill (option 1) junction of Cowpens Creek and un-named creek.
Where: 35.01295 -81.73747 Byce's (Byas) Mill (option 2) junction of Cowpens Creek and Little Thicketty Creek
Where: 35.02212 -81.71695 "Gentleman" Thompson's plantation, approximately, per Benson's map
Where: 34.972209, -81.803105 Hammett's Ford, approximately
Where: 35.000419, -81.772902 ford below Cowpens Creek
Where: 34.941730, -81.845120 Wofford's Iron Works

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  • From Benson, 1786 map:

    Benson 1786

    2=Byce's Mill
    3=Hammett's Ford on Pacolet
    4=Wofford's Iron Works

    Byce's mill was in the forks of two streams, approximately 1/4 the distance from Thompson's(Thicketty) to Wofford's Iron Works. There are two such junctions of streams in this vicinity On Benson's map, the road from Thompson's went by Byce's Mill and continued to Hammett's Ford. Hammett's Ford was between modern Clifton and the junction of Lawson's Fork and Pacolet River.

  • "An Effort to Locate the Mill Morgan Called 'Burr's Mill'" article explaining rationale for selecting most probable location of so-called "Burr's Mill". (not including selection of an arbitrary mid-point between sites A & B).

  • See Bullock's Fork of Thicketty Creek. The discussion there of Bullock's Fork having been an alternate name for Little Thicketty Creek makes it increasingly unlikely that Benson would have referred to that stream as Saffold's Creek in 1786. The plat map there, while showing that Saffold's property bordered on Little Thicketty/Bullock's Fork Creek, showed that it also contained several other streams westward that merged with that stream. This considerably weighs in favor of Site A(option 1), 0.75 mile bearing 245 from the currently selected compromise location, as being the location of Burr's/Byce's/Byas mill.

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