Burrough's Point

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9/21/1779. Burned by Lt.Col. Henry Dearborn.

Where: 42.81602 -76.74936 Burrough's Point

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  • Elvin Birth, The 1779 Western Campaigns, Raleigh: 2003, privately published, "Journals.pdf", p.159. 42.816091 -76.749039

  • Site of Burrough's Point monument. , N 42 48.961 W 076 44.961 (42.81602 -76.74936) Basis for location.
    Burrough's Point
    Site Of Indian Village Destroyed During Sullivan Campaign, 1779. Troops Under Col. Henry Dearborn Encamped Here.
    State Education Department 1932
    East Varick, Seneca County, NY

  • Conover, George S., compiler Archive Journals of the Military Expedition of Major General John Sullivan Against the Six Nations Indians in 1779.., Auburn NY: Knapp, Peck & Thomason, 1887, pages suggested by Elvin Birth.
    21st I was order'd with 200 men to proceed to the west side of the Kaiyugea Lake from thence by the side of the lake to the south end to burn and destroy what Settlements corn &c I might find At 8 o clock I march'd proceeded an East course about 8 miles and found 2 or 3 wigwams in the wood* with some small paches of corn Squashes water mallons and cucumbers and about 14 or 15 fine houses which we could not take after Destroying this little village proceeded 4 miles to the lake where I found a very pretty town of to houses} and a conciderable quantity of corn all which we burnt We discover'd another small Town about a mile above this which we likewise destroyed. This place is call'd Skannayutenate. After destroying this Town I march'd on one mile and came to a new town consisting of nine houses which we destroy'd and proceeded I mile & found one learge house which we set fire to and march'd on two miles further & incamp'd.

  • RevWar75 RevWar75
  • Sep 1779 listing. 9/13/1779 Geneseo. American defeat.

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