Bull's Island, off

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Capt. Brice, schooner Eliza vs. *Brit. privateer, run ashore and burned, 30 Mar, 1783

32.90036 -79.576203 Bulls Island, off, schooner Eliza run ashore and burned, 30 Mar 1783

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  • E. Lee Spence, Shipwrecks of South Carolina and Georgia, "Spence's List 1520-1865", Sea Research Society, Sullivan's Island, SC, 1984, p.268,
    The schooner Eliza, Captain Brice, bound from Havana, was reported in the "South Carolina Weekly Gazette" of April 5, 1783, as chased ashore off Bull's Island, South Carolina, by a privateer on March 30, 1783, and was burned. Her cargo consisted of 200 boxes of sugar and some rum.

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